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Want to increase the value of your farm equipment?

                                                                  Take good care of it.

Protect your farm equipment investment  

When dropping a hitch pin can join machines worth millions of dollars, you know your equipment is valuable.  Today's producers are trying to do more than ever in a shorter time window, so avoiding downtime is critical.  Protect the investment you made by following a proper maintenance plan.  

This includes keeping up with routine service to help prevent minor issues from becoming major repairs, which can cost you time and money.  In fact, university researchers found that properly maintaining and inspecting equipment can result in a  25% decrease in maintenance costs over the machine's lifetime, substantial savings at today's cost of equipment and parts.

Your memory.  Enhanced.

Modern operations require lots of equipment to function properly, and it is easy to forget just when the last time the oil was changed on a particular truck or tractor.  Our app serves as the digital logbook for all your maintenance and repairs, so you can easily see what has already been done and what still requires attention.  Find out more.

Farm Equipment Record Keeping

Now out of the shop and on your hip

Whether you have 5 acres or 50,000; your equipment is essential to the smooth operation of your farm or ranch.    We help you organize your service records so you can quickly find out if you are up to date on your essential equipment maintenance.  Our app also allows you to store information about your equipment on your phone, helpful when you need to look up a serial number or part number, saving you time at the parts counter.

See what Tractor Tracker can do for you

While the application still functions, we have discontinued technical support.  If you are no longer able to use the app, let us know and we'll get your information to you. Thank you for your patronage and we apologize for any inconvenience.