When you add a machine, you assign it to one of ten categories in Tractor Tracker.  If you have lots of machines, from lawnmowers to four wheel drive pickups; this allows you to filter which categories you see so that you can check each machine quickly and easily.

View service details, such as when work was performed, all without scanning through your entire lineup.  This feature is useful when you're preparing for, say, a road trip to the sand dunes for a weekend of side by siding, and want to make sure all your stuff is ready for the trip!


Organize Your Stuff

General Information

We've all been in the store to order parts and been asked if we know the

serial number of our pickup or snowmobile.  No more wasted trips! Now that information is at your fingertips.  Tractor Tracker allows you to store identifying information about all your rigs for quick reference.  In addition to uploading an image to quickly find what you're looking for, general information fields in the app are:

  • Name
  • Make, Model, and Year
  • VIN or Serial Number
  • Miles, Hours, or Acres

Track Your Maintenance & Service

Just like an old notebook, Tractor Tracker's purpose is to allow you to keep track of the service and maintenance work you perform on your equipment.  To simplify searching, the app allows you to classify jobs into three generic categories:  

  • Maintain---routine service such as oil and filter changes
  • Repair---replacing broken or defective parts 
  • Upgrade---record when your machine was updated with the newest engine tuner, or had a new stereo installed

Logs feature a subject title, date and time for each entry, as well as a field for notes so you can enter any 
additional information you wish.  Logs are automatically sorted so the most recent is on the top of the screen.  

Separating service logs by categories makes it easier for you to find when the most recent oil change or repair was performed on the machine, without scrolling through all of your log entries.  


You're busy, and it's hard to remember everything. ​Tractor Tracker allows you to set reminders for your vehicles.  These reminders are then displayed in a separate page on the equipment detail screen, and you also receive notifications on your lock screen of reminders you set. 

Capacities and Filter Part Numbers

Tractor Tracker allows you to enter fluid capacities and filter part numbers for all your machines.  No more waiting for the parts counter to figure out exactly which filter you need for your next service.  

  • Engine Oil, Hydraulic Oil, and Coolant categories have the following fields:
    • Type
    • Capacity
    • Filter Make
    • Filter Part Number

  • Fuel Filter and Air Filter categories have these fields available for you:
    • Filter Make
    • Filter Part Number

​Additionally, at the bottom of each equipment info screen is a "Notes" section where you can enter any other
information that you might want to have close by.  

Find us on the App Store and Google Play

Whether you're an over the road trucker or a weekend warrior pulling your ATV's with your pickup, you can still take advantage of the great features of Tractor Tracker. If you just have pickup or maybe two, plus a 4 wheeler, you can use the app to record your essential service and help keep you going!

Tractor Tracker

Mice won't feed on your paper records anymore
Cloud Backup to Safeguard Your Data

Life is a tough job; for you, for your equipment, and especially for electronics.  Tractor Tracker utilizes cloud storage to ensure that all your information is accessible, even if you get a different device.  All you have to do is download the app and use the same username and password.  All your previously entered information is then available on your new phone.  

Be In Multiple Places At Once.  

If you want to access your account on more than one device, simply enter your user name and password and your account is synced!  If you have more than one shop, you don't need to keep track of a separate notebook to record all your work.  It is now as close as your phone.  


Service and Repair Records App

While the application still functions, we have discontinued technical support.  If you are no longer able to use the app, let us know and we'll get your information to you. Thank you for your patronage and we apologize for any inconvenience.