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Tractor Tracker Frequently Asked Questions

What does Tractor Tracker cost?

The app is available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play.

Can Multiple Users Use Tractor Tracker?
You can share your username and password with as many users or devices as you need.  There is no limit to the number of devices that can be associated with a particular username.  

Information entered on one device doesn't show up on another??
A good internet connection is required to push information to the cloud database, whether through your cellular provider (charges may apply) or wired or wireless cable/DSL/fiber, etc. 
If information previously entered on Device #1 doesn't show up on Device #2, try logging out of your account on both devices. Sign in again with Device #1 first, and the Device #2. The app syncs on login, and this forces the sync to occur.  The app also syncs with the database periodically.

I haven't used Tractor Tracker for awhile, is my information still there?

As long as the information was pushed to the cloud, it will still be available when you login again.  Accounts don't expire due to inactivity.

Download and install the latest version as an update.  If you delete the old version and then install the new version, any information you entered that wasn't pushed to the cloud will likely be lost.  If, for some reason, you enter data on your device and it doesn't sync to the database, and the cache on your device is cleared you will likely lose the the locally stored data. 

I can't login with my username.  What gives?

Our new system only accepts email addresses as usernames in order to simplify the login process.  It is most likely the email address where you receive your App Store or Google Play order confirmations and receipts.Your password has not changed. 

The app won't let me save a new machine when I go to add it.

The app requires that you select one of the ten categories for each machine.  Once you choose a category, you should be able to save the machine and add it to your account. 

Is My Data Sold or Shared?

We do not sell your personal data nor do we share it with outside parties, except to improve your user experience and develop new features for you. 

Service and Repair Records App

Tractor Tracker

While the application still functions, we have discontinued technical support.  If you are no longer able to use the app, let us know and we'll get your information to you. Thank you for your patronage and we apologize for any inconvenience.